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The reason why I have not been posting lately

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

Although, at the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown last year, I had planned multiple webinars but I did not conduct any of them except the one on Local Anesthesia Toxicity because at that time there was an excess of webinars. And I didn't want mine to be just another webinar. So I didn't go ahead with the planned webinars.

Other than that, I have not been posting much on the blog and the YouTube channel for the last 1.5 years. In the below given video I explain the reason behind that.

If this video inspires even one person to follow his passion, then i would consider the aim of making this video as achieved.

Thank you for reading this small post and watching the video.

P.S. I do plan to resume posting on this blog soon. So stay tuned.

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